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It's Torga's Anti-Fog Solution
It's Torga's Anti-Fog Solution

How to stop your glasses from fogging up when you wear a mask

Most common challenges with wearing glasses are easily addressed by your optometrist. For example, glare from the sun in your eyes while driving can be reduced with polarised lenses, frames slipping down the bridge of your nose can be prevented with professional adjustments.

But for many spectacles, wearers getting fogged up lenses while wearing a face mask is a new challenge.

Why do your lenses fog up while wearing a face mask?

Your spectacles and sunglasses fog up when you are wearing a face mask because the mask redirects your warm breath upward instead of forward, which condenses and forms micro-droplets on the lenses.

Generally, the problem can be reduced by increasing the tightness of the fit of your face mask. For example, homemade masks can also be modified to fit better by sewing twist ties into the top so they can be moulded over the nose. Or you can simply make sure that the elasticated strap is as tight as possible (Never adjust the mask so that its main purpose is defeated). Tightly fitted masks can lead to a problem itself if the mask then becomes uncomfortable around the face, leading to the need for constant adjustment.

Torga Optical’s solution to prevent your spectacles fogging up

Torga Optical has high-tech Anti-Fog Micro-fiber cleaning cloths available in our practices nationally.  The Anti-Fog cloths contain a special solution that when applied to your lenses immediately reduces the condensation retention of the lenses. So any condensation from your breath on the lenses quickly dissipates in a matter of seconds.

With our Anti-Fog Lens Cleaning Cloth, there is no need for additional lens spray or other cleaning compounds.

Our anti-fog lens cleaning cloths are also gentle on your lenses, ensuring streak-free and scratch-free results.

How long does the Torga Optical Anti-Fog Cleaning Cloth last for?

The cloth can be used to clean your spectacles up to 200 times. Make sure you store the cloth in the provided zip-lock bag after use as the Anti-Fog solution will dry evaporate from the cloth if not so protected. Also, do not wash the cloth as this will remove the solution.

What if I need a solution that both clean my glasses and provides Anti-Fog protection?

Torga Optical also offers a special Anti-Fog and Cleaning Spray. This spray works like a normal spectacle cleaning spray but it adds an additional hydrophobic layer to your lenses providing Anti-Fog protection. You will also need a regular microfibre cleaning cloth to apply the spray across the surface of the lens.

Remember also when using a cleaning cloth that you wipe your lenses from left to right, horizontally across the lens, rather than in a circular polishing motion. This avoids dirt accumulating in the centre of your lenses.

What’s the best solution? Torga Optical’s Anti-Fog cloth or Torga Optical’s Anti-Fog Spray?

Both products work really well. However, we find that the Anti-Fog cloth provides the greatest convenience as you only need to carry one item with you during the day and no spray is required.

How to use the Anti-Fog Cleaning Cloth

  1. Remove the Anti-Fog cleaning cloth from its pouch
  2. Gently wipe both sides of each lens in your spectacles to apply the Anti-Fog solution. Hold your glasses up to a gentle light source to inspect your handiwork, and re-apply if necessary.
  3. Replace the Anti-Fog cleaning cloth in its pouch (it will last up to 200 cleans if stored properly). Enjoy your fog-free lenses for the whole day. Reapply as necessary.


How to use the Anti-Fog Spray

  1. Clean the lens with our Anti-Fog lens cleaning solution. Apply the spray to the microfibre cloth, not to the lenses themselves. The spray and cloth method is there to keep your glasses clean and assist with fogging to stop.
  2. Dry the lens with an ordinary microfiber cloth.
  3. Polish the lens with anti-fog cleaning cloth.